Does Your Landscape Have You Stumped?

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You can knock a tree over or chop it down, but it's almost impossible to remove the stump with it. That's why AB Site Services offers stump removal services in Woodville, TX. We'll come through and remove all remaining stumps after bush hogging or lot clearing services.

Did you have a tree come down in a storm? You can rely on us to get rid of the leftover stump and clean up your yard.

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3 reasons to remove old stumps

Tree stumps may not seem like a big deal, but they can cause serious problems for your landscape. You'll want to call AB Site Services for stump removal services to:

  • Plant new trees or pour a new foundation
  • Prevent pest infestations and fungal growth
  • Avoid regrowth of saplings and brush in that area

Schedule a consultation with our experienced stump grinding crew today. We'll be happy to give you a free estimate.

We'll remove your stump ASAP

Stump removal services are more complicated than you might think. That's why you need the experienced stump grinding crew from AB Site Services to get the job done right. We have the proper skills and equipment to:

Secure the surrounding area
Dig around the stump
Extract the stump
Sever the roots
Backfill the hole

If you don't want full stump removal services, we can grind down the stump until it's level with your lawn. That way, you won't risk tripping or running over it with your lawn mower.

Learn more about our process by contacting one of our experienced stump grinding contractors today.